#003 - Starting your book ... where will it sit?


If you are confident in your ability to write; that is to put words down on paper in a reasonable order. You have all the tools to write with such as a PC, laptop or plain, ordinary pen and paper along with a dictionary, thesaurus and either notebook or small audio recorder of some description. This last item is useful for taking notes on interesting verbal gems you may stumble across during your working day. You have set up some file folders on your PC, or bought yourself a paper notebook for file planning and dedicated it to your new writing project. You have also decided what type of book to write, what category it would reasonably be found under in a library or on-line store and now you simply need to get the first chapter written.

Here We Go - If you are lucky enough to have a literary degree in your particular language or have had some formal writing training, such as journalism or as a technical author, you will no doubt have certain skills that will allow you to productively 'hit the keys' straight away. If not, you may need to pause once again and consider the following.

A World of your Own - If your book is to sit comfortably within the category of Fiction, then there are sub-categories or genres that the final work could also drop into. So how do you go about writing a 'Fiction' book, a book where in general, the whole of the content is in effect a 'made up' story set either in the present, the future or the past?

If the setting is the future, you may let your imagination run wild, as no one really knows what will happen in the future. However, be aware that your story-line, the events contained within the story and the 'props' used to support the story could suddenly catch up with you and what you write as an event in the near future could, in ten years time actually be about an event that has made an appearance in the recent past.

So the big decision here is how to place your story; in what theater of events, in what country and what language. With the story fabric being so strong, it's literally beating a path out of your brain. You will have thought of the detailed setting, the period and the characters and now you want to write chapter one! That's great. You know how to start it but do you know how to finish it?

Every writer will have a different way of working and some lucky individuals can, without too much fuss, sit in front of a keyboard and simply write. There are not many that fall into such a category and for most it's a hard slog. Trawling through some of the other 'TheEBookwriter Blog' posts may provide some useful hints to make your life a little easier.