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The EBookWriter - Making sure you get the 'Write' start!

There are no excuses ...

The EBook Writer has been involved with writing projects and publishing books and novels since 2011 across a broad selection of genre; experimenting with content, style, cover imagery, promotion and social media exposure. Some of you will hopefully find the information and advice contained here to be useful. Others, having trod differing writing and publishing paths, may find this site a complete and total waste of time. If this is your experience, please accept our apologies. It is not our intention to be condescending, inaccurate or purposely misleading. The world of writing and publishing can be a confusing space to inhabit, with all kinds of advice and 'great new offers' coming at the new writer from every conceivable direction. Some of it is out to capture the contents of your bank account and a rather smaller portion will offer support and help along an obstacle strewn path to success. So, we thank you for visiting our blog and if you like what you read, then please tell your friends. If you don't, please tell us!

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