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At TheEBookWriter we aim to be a source of information for 'new start' writers, and others, who wish to tread the unsteady path to becoming a published author either via the 'self-publishing' route, or through a more contractual process known as 'traditional' publishing. Listings of all articles on this page are 'last written - first displayed' and a full directory of all articles can be found on the 'Blog Archive' page.


Being at the stage of having now written your book, edited it to perfection, produced a dazzling cover in full color and had the 'feel' of it in your hand, you now have to sell it. Yes the elephant in the room really is the art of 'marketing' with some seeing it as big 'con' and others conceiving the...

OK. You are planning to be a novelist. That is someone prepared to commit to writing 100,000 words or so, take a year out of your life and more if you are a working mum or dad; the type with three kids, a mortgage and a job that forces you to work unsocial hours.

It's that time of year again. The so-called 'Vanity Press' barons are hawking their wares once more looking for the best pickings of the very best season; Christmas and New Year. It is estimated that many millions will enter their already overloaded coffers by preying upon sentimentality and the vanity of a section of the public with too much money...

'Make sure you know your subject' ... that's what everyone says to you as a non-fiction writer. You will know your subject like the back of your hand and your 'best mate' or 'adoring girlfriend' can confirm that to anyone who asks.

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